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Artist Bio

 Kylie Inglis is a contemporary painter & icon writer and began pursing fine art in January 2022. Using acrylic, oil and cold wax as her preferred medium - her contemporary landscapes, distinctively ethereal and atmospheric in mood, flow from a highly intuitive, self-taught process and practice.

"Painting intuitively is foundational to my process, and means I rarely approach a painting with determined foresight of what I am about to paint. Instead, painting for me is a process of discovery. My work deals with spiritual themes of human experience - exploring moments of hope, despair and desire - which is influenced by my study as a theologian. Aesthetically, my work communicates these themes often through vast unfolding space or landscape, that grounds the viewer in a simple sense of spirituality, and provides a place for ongoing dialogue. I create art for the spiritual enrichment of both myself and the viewer, reinterpreting the sacred through contemporary abstract, and creating a space for spiritual encounter. 

Commonly, these conversations are rich with paradox; mystery and intimacy, humility and elevation, darkness and hope. And it is within all these knife-edge tensions and paradoxes that I intend to perpetually leave my paintings."

Accredited with a  Master of Theology, this has influenced her work philosophically, particulary in the sphere of iconography. Her fascination in the theological underpinnings of Eastern Orthodox iconography and the intersection between viewer and art has permeated her practice, process and work producing a unique execution.

Kylie's studio is situated on the edge of the beautiful Yarra Valley. 

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Eltham Art Show


  • HIGHLY  COMMENDED AWARD "Shifting Shadows" Oil & cold wax on canvas

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