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Kylie is friendly, fun and kind, which made our coaching sessions really enjoyable. Kylie was incredibly supportive of my project, she showed great enthusiasm and excitement towards it. It felt like nothing was too hard, and when things weren't going according to plan. Kylie would remain optimistic, and really bring hope to the situation. 

I started off with a goal but had no real plan of how to reach it. Kylie's coaching was absolutely instrumental in helping me create a plan and achieve what I set out to do. There were several times when I wanted to scrap the whole thing, and probably would have it were't for the support and strategy to overcome obstacles that Kylie provided during our coaching sessions. 

 Kylie's coaching helped me to execute a plan aiming to create greater community and connection within our organisation, by creating a cafe space for people to gather and enjoy coffee in a friendly environment, and that also raises money for our organisation.

The belief and support that she provided was the motivation I often needed to keep going and ultimately achieve every outcome of my project.

Cafe Creator passion for nature has been reignited – I’m now pursuing a Diploma of Sustainable Living and am loving it! I’ve also been able to achieve some significant goals in being more the father I want to be, particularly in having an even healthier work-life balance.

Husband & Father of 4

 I found one of my biggest problems was the 'all or nothing mindset' - sometimes resulting in binge eating or self-sabotage...After only a few sessions I started to see breakthrough...for the first time in my life I have gone months and months with balance.

Primary School Teacher / Student

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